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At Garage Door Repair Maple Valley we serve community with what we feel are the best garage door opener choice, troubleshooting and repair services offered by any garage door company anywhere. We have spent years developing our relationship with our community and the reason we have our customer’s trust is that we offer the best garage door service around the clock. Our Maple Valley garage door contractor is on call to provide service for our customers.Garage Door Opener

How can our company be of use today? The bad news is that garage door problems have become part of everyone's life. They never seem to end. Since they are affected by daily use, elements and temperatures, it only takes a small miscalculation of how you will turn the steering wheel to bump tracks with the car. The good news is that our company has enough experience to know that such problems are urgent and must be fixed as soon as possible. This is the reason why our whole team is prepared to help you anytime. Our trucks are equipped and our experts are trained and have the capacity to offer emergency same day repair. Whether it is your tracks giving you trouble or need to replace the broken cable, count on us. For emergency services but also maintenance and installation needs, our company is your best choice.

Searching for a garage door opener in Maple Valley has never been easier

Our choice spans the best and most popular garage door openers brands. We provide such garage door opener brands like:

* Genie garage door openers are popular and have a solid reputation. These garage door openers feature designs that keep safety a top priority. One such feature is an automatic reverse safety beam. If the door doesn’t completely shut in thirty seconds, it will not continue trying to close. This is very useful when a person or object is in the way and can prevent burning out the motor while trying to shut on an obstruction.

* Liftmaster garage door opener is the largest selling and most popular brand of garage door opener in the world. There is a large choice of models to choose from and our garage door openers service includes replacement parts as well as installation.

* Chamberlain garage door openers are sturdy and designed to last. The belt drive models are very quiet and require no oil. The chain drive door openers by Chamberlain are noisy but feature a stronger motor to pull the heavier chain. Screw drive door openers by Chamberlain are moderately priced, have a moderate noise level and like all Chamberlain garage door openers come with two garage door remotes.

* Craftsman garage door opener is a popular choice, and we carry a full line at our Maple Valley Garage Door Repair Company. The Craftsman garage door openers are economical and sturdy.

* Sears garage door opener is a trusted brand name. These garage doors offer the necessary safety features, remotes and long lasting drives. It is imperative that the right motor size chosen matches is equal to lifting the weight of the garage door. Our trained professionals can help you choose the right sized Sears garage door openers for your Maple Valley garage door.

* Marantec garage door opener is German engineered but it is American made. This garage door opener features the German attention to quality and precision. These garage door openers feature a semi-enclosed rail system for quieter operation. The rails are powder coated and galvanized for rust resistance.

An important choice after the brand of garage door opener is the drive type. The Belt drive motors for garage door openers is very quiet but will be the most expensive choice in motor types.  The chain drive is the least expensive and noisiest of motor drives for the opener. The screw drive tends to be moderately priced and relatively quiet in operation.

Maple Valley Garage Repair service has fully qualified technicians on staff who are able to troubleshoot faulty garage door openers. We have years of experience in providing installation of new garage doors and garage door openers in Maple Valley and repair malfunctioning openers. Not sure which garage door opener is right for your garage door? Then let our qualified staff help you select a garage door opener that will last for years.

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