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Is your gate stuck? Call our company now! In addition to fixing garage doors, our company also offers professional gate repair services. We fix intercom and opener systems of all types. Read more here!

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When your gate doesn't work, and you've checked the electrical components are working, there can be a whole host of physical and mechanical failures causing it to falter. Some of the most common residential gate repairs are needed from a lack of quality maintenance. Many gate designs require frequent lubrication, adjustment and servicing to stay in peak condition. Without servicing all forms of mechanical contraptions are destined to degrade over time and fail at some point. Here are a couple of the most common types of mechanical malfunction that are likely to occur through a lack of attention:

Slowing from friction in joints

Gate RepairAll types of swing gates will have hinges, sliding gates often have tracks and both types can incorporate wheel bearings. All of these parts will have metal pieces and so be susceptible to rust in the long term. If any of these parts break or become too degrades, their deformation can create increased friction in areas where they should be moving smoothly. If they are left to deteriorate enough, they will completely snap and are likely to disable the gate entirely.

Damage to vital components

Swing gates are very popular for their aesthetic and simplicity. Almost all swing gate designs will feature a strong gate arm. If this arm is ever damaged or broken the gate won't be able to move. If you have an automated gate with a motor and opener, the system will probably also have a chain or belt which turns to propel its movement. If you have a chain and think it is too noisy, you might prefer a system that uses a belt as they tend to be much quieter. Damaged chains and belts needs to be replaced, as leaving them to continue weakening will result in a sudden snap eventually

Expert gate repair and maintenance

It is possible prolong the life of any gate design with quality and consistent maintenance. Garage Door Repair Maple Valley can take care of the necessary servicing your gate required to stay in tip top shape. We can provide gate repair, installation, replacement parts and full troubleshooting services.

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