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Basic Garage Door Advice

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Basic Garage Door Advice

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Our professionals are the team to call for major repairs or complete door replacement at the lowest prices. But for something simple you can handle yourself, check out our tips section below for many useful ideas from our experts.

Consider Sunlight-proof Door Panels

Most residential garage door owners choose their door panels based on design and material. But, how about both beauty and a longer lifespan? Since door panels are constantly exposed to sunlight, you should invest in a type that resists direct sunlight and other atmospheric elements like dust. This way, they will be able to maintain the sheen and color for years.

Attach the Remote Control to a Key Chain

Keeping the remote control of your garage door inside the car is not recommended. In the unfortunate case that your car is stolen, the perpetrators will get a direct access to your house. To avoid such situations, always attach the remote control with your car keys or to a separate keychain.

Switch the Opener Power Supply OFF When on Vacation

When on vacation, you should disconnect the power supply to the garage door opener to avoid mishandling of the door. It can also prevent burglars from hacking into the remote control system and breaking in into your house. You can also remove the batteries from the remote control or even set up a vacation lock if supported by your system.

Don't play Russian roulette with your door

Don't ever take your chances with your garage door. They might not fall easily but that will depend on their condition. If they are not maintained properly or their tracks are not properly aligned, there is always a chance that the door might unexpectedly collapse. The springs are another key part of the system that must be carefully examined on a regular basis. You shouldn't just assume that everything is fine with your door, you should actively spend a little time each month to make sure of that.


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